Why Choose Buzz

Our team of specialist recruiters have a passion for your industry. We have all worked our way up from entry level roles into management positions so we know and understand the technical jargon and the industry inside and out.


Your career designer is actively involved with professional and industry organisations in their chosen areas of specialty. This ensures that they can always provide you with the most up to date advice about your career with an eye on the future.


Our smaller size is one of our biggest attributes. Our service mirrors our focus, with a clear perspective on targeting only select sectors in the Canterbury market, your satisfaction is our main priority.

We’re BUZZing…are you?


Having researched globally for the finer elements in recruitment provision, we can now provide one of the most high-tech recruitment services in New Zealand. We only need to meet with you once, contact your referees once then all your details are saved onto our system.


Based on their significant practical industry experience, our career designers personally relate to the roles you are looking for.

We know that top candidates, like yourself generally do not respond to ads, but like anyone else you like to keep abreast of your career opportunities. Keeping in touch with your specialist career designer will assist you to have up-to-date knowledge of what is happening in your industry.

When you use BUZZ, we place ourselves in your shoes!


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