Our Candidates Buzz Experience

So you are looking for that dream job? Or maybe a career change?

It can be a daunting task contacting an agency and taking that first step. When you register and work with BUZZ our goal is to help you find your dream job!

Our Recruiters who we like to call Career Designers, have worked in your industry so they know the ‘lingo’ and should help make you feel more at ease.

We have developed these guidelines to help you understand the process we go through and what to expect.

1. Our Process

When a client contacts us to help them fill a role we conduct a comprehensive briefing regarding the role, the workplace environment and their specific requirements.

We develop a sourcing strategy with the client, which may involve reviewing our existing database of candidates; advertising on internet job boards, and our own website; or print advertisement in the paper, for example The Press.

We respond to all candidates who apply within 24 hours to advise you we have received your application and the next part of the process and/or timeline.

If at this point we are not looking to take your application any further we will explain as clearly as possible the reasons for this.

If we would like to discuss the role and your application further, we will contact you either over the phone or ask to meet you for a catch up. This is normally held in our offices. On odd occasions we may meet you at a café for a coffee and an informal chat. When you come into our offices for a meeting for the first time we will ask you to complete our application form to add you into our database and then the Career Designer who is looking after the position will spend approx 45mins with you. We will discuss your experiences and skills, your motivators, what gets you out of bed in the mornings and what you are looking for in your next career step. We will explain in further detail what our client is looking for in a potential employee.

If you are happy to move forward with your application we will arrange an appointment with a potential employer. Prior to that meeting, our clients are provided with a summary of your skills, qualifications, experience, suitability for the position, your availability and salary expectations. We use the resume you give to us along with the information from our one-on-one meeting with you.

In most cases our client will want to meet with you.  If at this stage they do not think you are suitable for the position we will provide you with the feedback and use this to help find other opportunities for you.

Prior to your meeting with the potential employer we will give you further information about the role and the person you are meeting with – this is to help prepare you as best we can for the interview. Please ask if you would like more information about Job Interviews including how to dress if you are unsure.

If you decide you do not want to move forward with the opportunity with this client, we will ask for as much feedback as possible so we can help them and again use the experience to help find other opportunities for you. If you decide you are interested in the role we would at this point arrange reference checks with your referees.

We continually keep in touch with you and our client throughout the interview process and once you accept the position we will stay in touch with you to obtain regular feedback and updates on how you are a progressing. This is done via online surveys and phone calls from our Career Designers.

Please feel free to call or email your Career Designer at any time during the recruitment process for updates and clarification of information. You are also always welcome to pop into our office for a chat at any time.

2. Legal & Privacy

We comply with the Privacy Act 2020, the Human Rights Act 1993 and various other pieces of legislation such as the Employment Relations Act 2000. We will seek permission from you prior to approaching any third parties at our initial meeting, for example referees, past employers and future potential employers.

3. Complaints

If at any time you are not happy with your BUZZ experience, please contact the BUZZ Director on +64 (03) 3510 441. We will seek to gain resolution on any issues that arise immediately.

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