Our team of specialist recruiters have a passion for your industry. We have all worked our way up from entry level roles onto management positions so we know and understand the technical jargon and the industry inside and out. We’re familiar with the annual peaks and troughs and the strains on your business in attracting and keeping the best staff, not to mention dealing with a candidate shortage when one arises.

It is our mission to step up to the daily challenge of enticing Kiwis to come home, to left the overall calibre of candidates and to ensure that the best talent in this industry is working for you!

We believe in what we do and want you to experience the BUZZ for yourself!


Our smaller size is one of our biggest attributes. Our service mirrors our focus, with a clear perspective on targeting only select sectors, our clients satisfaction is our main priority. We work harder and more cost efficiently for you because we can.

We’re BUZZing…. are you?


BUZZ can provide you that elusive element of time, and along with it the quintessential difference between someone good and somebody great!


Many of our candidates have been approached by our specialist recruiters in their work environment, allowing us to see them doing what they do best instead of just assessing their ability through an interview. We work closely with industry leaders and our extensive contact base when we find hospitality staff for you. This gives us the ability to shoulder tap and find key Hospitality staff candidates throughout NZ for senior roles.

We are creative in our approach to finding the best talent in the hospitality industry and offering them to our preferred business partners.


Our flat rate structure gives you an exact costing for the onset, with an inclusive, no charge, three month candidate replacement guarantee. Additionally, for companies that wish to use BUZZ to recruit multiple roles or over an annual period, a “multi pack” fee structure can be offered. 


Based upon their significant practical industry experience, our specialist recruiters can personally relate to the roles you are looking to fill giving you peace of mind as we pre-select only the most talented candidates with the best attitudes.

Top candidates generally do not respond to adverts, but like anyone else they like to keep abreast of their career opportunities, and therefore do keep in touch with specialist recruiters. We specialise in this market and are working with industry personnel all the time therefore very quickly earned a reputation as a confidential broker who candidates often contact first, even before they have decided to actually make a move.

When you use BUZZ, we place ourselves in your shoes!

All of our candidates undergo a strict criteria selection process before being put forward for a role – their resumes and cover letters are read, a telephone screening call is conducted, a face to face meeting is held, two professional references are contacted and then a summary document if produced highlighting the candidates relevant work experience, key strengths and general attitude.  Salary expectations, availability of start dates and any relevant restraints of trade are covered off too. Finally any candidates put forward for vacancies within your organisations will not only meet the approval of your provisional brief, but also the standard of the industry experienced specialist recruiter representing you and their utmost priority – complete client satisfaction.

If you’re not 100% BUZZing about your new employee you have our promise that we’ll replace them, at no cost. We can find hospitality staff for you, NZ wide.

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