Why Use an RCSA Member?

The RCSA is the peak body for the recruitment, on-hire, contracting and workforce solutions services sector. The RCSA sets the benchmark for industry standards through representation, education, research and business advisory support so the industry may concentrate on its core business.

The mission of the RCSA is to represent and serve the interests of Members for the increased profile and professionalism of the industry. RCSA supports continuing improvement to Members’ services

Why Use an RCSA Member?

Employment is an issue fraught with challenges. Whether hiring a new employee, finding a temporary or contract worker, or searching for a new job, you need to be assured that the company you are dealing with is taking the issue as seriously as you. Legal compliance, issues of occupational health & safety, issues of corporate and candidate privacy and the importance of a strong, proven recruitment process are all needed to ensure that not only is the candidate right for the job, but the job is right for the candidate.

The benefit of using a recognised recruitment and on-hire company is in the breadth of knowledge and experience that they can bring to your recruitment process. RCSA Members, including their staff, are committed, as part of their Membership, to abiding by the ACCC-authorised Code for Professional Practice which lays down standards for confidentiality and privacy; honest dealings; respect for work relationships; respect for laws; respect for safety; respect for certainty of engagement; and professional knowledge. The Code is publicly available at http://www.rcsa.com.au

Accredited Professional Recruiters

Accredited Professional Recruiters have shown their commitment to providing professional services to candidates and clients through demonstrated professionalism and ethical conduct in their chosen career.

The RCSA acknowledges its Australia and New Zealand Business Partners in helping to bring professional products and services to the industry.