At BUZZ we understand the traditional recruiting pricing model can be confusing (17% of this and 14% of that). We believe professional fees should be simple and transparent so you can easily budget in advance and so you don’t need a calculator to work out what it will cost.

We are sure you will find our pricing not only simple but very competitive, what’s more we give you the option of saving a further $400 by paying our account within 10 days of invoice.

Flat rate pricing = easy to budget

Our flat-rate structure gives you an exact costing from the onset, with an inclusive, no charge, three month candidate replacement guarantee. Additionally, for companies that wish to use BUZZ to recruit multiple roles or over an annual period, a ‘multi pack’ fee structure can be offered.

Salary Package Professional Fee
< $45,000 $4,995* + GST
$45,000 – $64,999 $6,995* + GST
$65,000 – $79,999 $8,995* + GST
$80,000 – $99,999 $11,995* + GST
$100,000 – $119,995 $15,995* + GST
$120,000 – $159,995 $19,995* + GST
$160,000 + P.O.A. – Calculated at 15%-17% of total salary package

* All fees shown include a $400 “prompt payment” discount for paying the account within 10 days of date of invoice.

** Salary package (as above) is defined as the aggregate of salary, allowances and 50% of the ‘at risk’ component (bonuses or commission) where applicable. Where a company vehicle is provided as part of the package, $17,000 is added to the base salary before calculation of fees.

We guarantee all our placements for 3 months

We don’t start anything without agreement from our clients and candidates. Here are our terms of business which gives you your guarantee period and acknowledge that if you choose to employ one of our candidates there will be a fee involved.