Our clients are drawn to BUZZ by our reputation for providing some of the highest quality, timely and most cost effective recruitment services available in New Zealand. We have developed this document for clients so they understand our processes and what to expect from our service. The following explains our recruitment process, and the service we provide.

1. Our Process

Once we have met with you, gone through our terms of business and you have agreed to work with us we will take the job order (if this is applicable).  We will conduct a comprehensive briefing regarding the role and development of a position description (if necessary).

Confirmation of the position details include the following:

  • Salary details (including commission structure and bonus)
  • Sourcing strategy – BUZZ search strategy, BUZZ advertising strategy and/or internet strategy
  • Skills and/or psychometric testing, background and police checks (if necessary)
  • BUZZ pricing based on our flat-rate fee structure.

From there we will provide you with a comprehensive profile on each of the shortlisted candidates at a one-on-one meeting.  This includes:

  • A summary of the candidate, their skills and suitability for the position
  • Resume outlining their qualifications, skills and experience.

Interviews are arranged for you to meet the candidates you have selected.

Once the interview has taken place we will contact you and the candidate for feedback.  This part of the process is important to obtain both yours and the candidate’s thoughts on the role and the candidates best fit for this – this needs to be clear and constructive feedback for both parties.

If you wish to select candidates for Psychometric and or Skills Testing we would arrange at this point.  These are conducted on-line and can be conducted in our offices or remotely.  The candidate’s assessment reports are provided to you for review as soon as they are completed.

When you have selected your preferred candidate/s we conduct the background and reference checks.  The conversations are transcribed and information provided to you in order to help with the decision process.

2. Legal

Our practices are governed by the Privacy Act 1993, the Human Rights Act 1993 and various other pieces of legislation such as the Discrimination Act.  We seek specific permission from our candidates prior to approaching any third parties. This includes referees as well as potential employer opportunities.  We also adhere to the standards set in the RCSA (Recruitment and Consulting Services Association) Code of Conduct.

3. Occupational Health & Safety

As an employer to our staff, contract/temporary candidates and any visitors to our office, we have a responsibility to ensure that they are physically and psychologically safe in their workplace.   If at any time issues are raised we will advise you as necessary.

4. Complaints

If at any time you are not happy with your BUZZ experience, please contact one of our Directors on +64 (03) 3511 352.  We will seek to gain resolution on any issues that arise immediately.



Permanent Placements

Salary Professional Fee
< $45,000 $4,995* + GST
$45,000 – $64,999 $6,995* + GST
$65,000 – $79,999 $8,995* + GST
$80,000 – $99,999 $11,995* + GST
$100,000 – $119,995 $15,995* + GST
$120,000 + POA

* All fees shown include a $400 “prompt payment” discount for paying the account within 10 days of date of invoice.

** Salary package (as above) is defined as the aggregate of salary, allowances and 50% of the ‘at risk’ component (bonuses or commission) where applicable. Where a company vehicle is provided as part of the package, $17,000 is added to the base salary before calculation of fees.

BUZZ has a flat rate permanent fee structure.  This is based on the Salary Package offered and is defined as the aggregate of salary, allowances and 50% of the ‘at risk’ component (bonuses or commission).  Where a company vehicle is provided as part of the package $17,000 is added to the base salary before the calculation of fees.

* All fees shown include a $400 “prompt payment” discount for paying the account within 10 days of date of invoice.

Fixed Term Placements: Where a candidate is employed on a placement of less than 6 months, the fee is calculated on 75% of the annual salary package (as described above).  If the fixed term appointment continues beyond the 6 months, the remaining 25% of the applicable fee is payable.

Terms of Payment: Our invoices are generated upon an employee’s acceptance of position. Invoices are payable within 10 days of the invoice date in order to receive the $400 discount and the discounted price as shown in the above table. The Guarantee will be invalid if these terms are not met.  Overseas placements will be charged in New Zealand dollars and payable within the same terms for that exact amount.

Guarantee: BUZZ guarantees to provide a replacement free of charge if our permanent placement leaves, for any reason, within the first three months of employment.  If we are unable to locate a suitable replacement within three months, we will provide a 100% credit against any future placement fees.

This guarantee is given provided the original placement fee was paid within 28 days; we receive notification within seven days of the notification of termination of employment; we are given a period of 6 weeks on an exclusive basis to provide replacement candidates; any dismissal was not a result of redundancy or any structural changes within your organization.

Introduction of Candidates: The introduction of a candidate by BUZZ is confidential.  You must not, directly or indirectly, transfer a BUZZ candidate to any other person, firm or organization where they are subsequently engaged in a permanent or temporary position.  If this happens you will have to pay BUZZ the full fee for the engagement.